Green Cleaning Products are Better for Our Environment

Dawson Cleaning Supplies is dedicated to the preservation of Mother Earth. It is the responsibility of all of us to do our part to keep our environment free from harmful chemicals; which can change the climate and affect our health. This is why we recommend Blue Bomber All-Purpose Cleaner, as it is eco-friendly, pet-friendly, people-friendly too. This concentrated formula can be diluted to match the size of the cleaning task. It is versatile and will eliminate the need for having a long list of  other cleaners in your janitorial supplies. Blue Bomber cleans, polishes and degreases multi-surfaces in the home and commercially. Safe time and money by using one powerful green cleaner to tackle all your light and tough jobs, from windows to floors and everything in between.
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AMAZING COMPANY! Marcus is the epitome of professional!

Kira G

It is amazing how easily dirt comes off of things using this product! Also, love love love that it keeps glass print and streak free for days! To top it off Marcus is great!


This product is like no other. I do some commercial janitorial cleaning a few times a week. I clean move out apartments and homes that sometimes have no been cleaning in months. This cleans EVERYTHING. Be sure to dilute it for each use. Wear gloves, but it is environmentally safe.

I have a super dirty oven and stove top. After letting this product soak a bit while I cleaned elsewhere in the kitchen, I was able to remove YEARS of burnt on grease. This saved the landlord from having to replace the stove and I was able to charge more.

It does not end here. Soap scum….bathrooms not cleaned in years, like some of the college move outs I do. I spray and let it sit. Then return with a scrub daddy and it even gets deep into the grout. Yes bleach makes the mold clear and look clean, but is is actually clean.

This is not listed on the bottle, but I had a cleaning where the tenant had cat pee around the floor where the car boxes had been. The pour this product straight on the floor, scrub brushed, used my hot water extractor. I followed up with an enzyme cleaner and let it sit, for a good hour and then mopped that up. I returned the next day to finish and there was NO smell. I was shocked. Cat urine is pretty much impossible to remove. Time will tell.

Also, I had carpet stains, so bad the professional carpet cleaners could not get it out. I was spilled food in “white” carpet and been there for years. This product completely removed this old stain. I really thought we would have to replace the carpet. It looks clean and new now.

Also, using this product for myself, my family and for my cleaning jobs, it lasts forever!

Buy this. You will be so happy.

Jill Matthews

Blue Bomber is an amazing multi-purpose cleaner!!!

Aziah Johnson

Blue Bomber is the best cleaning product I have ever used!!!! And, the customer service is top notch!!!


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