A Natural Clean is a Safer Clean!

Dawson Cleaning Supplies has a commitment not only to providing a great cleaning product, but also to making sure our product is safe for the environment. Our product is manufactured in the USA. It’s also eco-friendly, non-toxic, and odor free. Our biodegradable product is a multipurpose cleaner that is not only powerful, but also safe enough to use around children and pets.

Our Goal is to make a statement to the world by showing that our chemicals can be safe and powerful at the same time. By showcasing our first product the Blue Bomber, we have proven that we excel where others have failed.

This powerful cleaner is not a soap nor a detergent based product, but a well balanced chemical cleaning compound.

A trusted partner at thousands of customer locations, Dawson Cleaning Supplies is a leader in hygiene and infection prevention that protects people and vital resources. Customers in food, healthcare, hospitality, and industrial markets choose Dawson Cleaning Supplies’ solution and personalized service to advance food safety, maintain clean and safe environments, operate efficiently and achieve sustainability goals.

  • A man degreasing a commercial grill with Blue Bomber

    Commercial Grease Cleaner

    We have developed an innovative solution to address all of your grease removal needs. By partnering with us, you’ll learn how our powerful, biodegradable Blue Bomber product will clean grease off stove hoods, fryers, flat-top stoves, convection ovens, filters, walls, back splashes, floors, and more. Together we can make degreasing your kitchen effortless.

  • Hospital corridor area cleaned with Blue Bomber All Purpose cleaner

    Healthcare Facilities

    Healthcare facilities are a breeding ground for multiple harmful microorganisms that remain virulent for days or even months. Many are even transmittable from surface to surface. Proper surface disinfection at healthcare facilities, including broad areas and the floor, is necessary to maintain a healthy environment. Dawson Cleaning Supplies offers Healthcare Facilities a comprehensive and cost-effective concentrated cleaner and disinfectant product for treating all areas, as well as medical devices, in the form of our biodegradable Orange Bomber Product.

  • Hospitality worker cleaning a mirror with Blue Bomber all purpose cleaner


    The Hospitality industry has many areas to maintain and keep clean. From set-in stains on laundry to floors, walls, countertops, carpet, ceramic tile, grout, windows, mirrors, and much more. Our Blue Bomber product will not only save shelf space, but also will prevent one from having to use multiple products which will reduce your overall costs. Most importantly, it is safe for the environment, kids, plants, pets, and is even water-soluble. Once you try Blue Bomber, you will see it is specifically designed to help you deliver the kind of clean that is good for business.

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